Volodin explained the need for the decriminalization of beating relatives

The rule of law, according to which the beating of close relatives remains a criminal offence, is a mistake. This position was expressed by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.


The situation when the assault against unfamiliar individuals consider administrative violation, and in the family – a criminal, a politician called “a marriage in the bill”.


“We believe that in General we need to eliminate family violence, we need to do everything to ensure that families were strong, to avoid conflict, but when there is an error it should be corrected. It turns out that the family put at a disadvantage, there is pressure on the family,” Volodin was quoted by TASS.


As explained Vice-the speaker, the position of deputies of the State Duma on the draft law on refusal from criminal prosecution for petty assault in the family was based on the results of opinion polls.


“The majority of companies – 59 % – were in favour of not strictly regulate such minor conflicts that did not result in injury,” concluded Volodin.

Foto: CHROMORANGE/ Bilderbox/ Globallookpress