The United States will increase group attack helicopters in Europe

For the transfer to Europe is preparing the 1st battalion of the 501st regiment of the US army aviation from a part of the 1st armored division, stationed in Fort bliss, Texas. This is the website of the U.S. army. 20 helicopters AH-64A Apache arrived to the base of storage of arms and equipment to the city of Corpus Christi.

“We have deployed helicopters in Corpus Christi for loading on a ship and sent to Europe”, — said the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Kratzer (Chris Crotzer).

The website notes that the database storage in Corpus Christi is not a regular stopping point for aviation units, going to Europe. This military unit specializiruetsya on maintenance, average and major repairs of the aviation and missile command U.S. army, in particular, engaged in the modernization of helicopters.

During the stay on the basis of helicopters will be dismantled rotor blades, tail rotor, and also carried out other preparatory work necessary for loading on the ship.

It is expected that the helicopters of the 1st battalion 501st regiment will arrive in Europe in mid-February. Currently a member of the forces of the US army in Europe, there is another battalion, equipped with attack helicopters “Apache” — 1st battalion, 3rd aviation regiment, part of the 12th combat aviation brigade based in Ansbach in the West of Bavaria.

Helicopters AH-64A are in service with the U.S. army aviation since the mid 1980-ies. From later modifications of the AH-64D Apache Longbow and AH-64E Guardian they differ mainly in the composition of electronic equipment in the first place — the lack of radar.