The U.S. Senate approved the candidacy of Tillerson to the post of head of the state Department

The Senate Committee of Congress on foreign Affairs supported the candidacy of businessman Rex Tillerson, who was nominated for the post of head of American diplomacy President Donald trump, reported TASS.


It is noted that full approval Tillerson now separated only by the vote of the upper house, it must obtain a simple majority of votes. Several influential senators from the Republican party, including John McCain, said that he would support Tillerson, despite the fact that they had expressed concerns about alleged ties protege of Donald trump with Russia.


Earlier, the head of the oil company ExxonMobil to pass the Senate hearings, where he made several important statements regarding US policy in the world. In particular, Tillerson announced the conditions under which America recognize the Russian Crimea, and stated that it will advise Trump to veto the lifting of the embargo with Cuba.

Photo: Xinhua Bao Dandan / Globallookpress