The media found out how much the cost of UK surveillance of “Admiral Kuznetsov”

Operation shadowing the Russian warships, which on the way to the base in Severomorsk in the coming days will be held along the British coasts, at a cost to the Royal Navy in 1.4 million pounds. On it informs the British edition Рortsmouth news.


According to the British journalists received in response to the request in accordance with the law on free access to information, in 2016, when the Russian ships were headed to Syria, this is similar to surgery cost Navy nearly 1.5 million pounds.


This amount consists mainly of salaries of crews and the cost of fuel and maintenance.


Then, according to the publication, to follow a Russian aircraft carrier group of ships, which included the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” was sent to the frigate “Richmond”. He was accompanied by the ships of the Russian Navy on the way from the Norwegian sea to the British coast. In the operation were also utilized to destroyer “Duncan”, which met the Russian group in the South of England.


As expected, today and tomorrow the British ships to commence their mission. This British command has deployed one destroyer and one frigate.


Now the ships are on the way to the English channel.

Photo: defense Ministry