The Kremlin reacted to the placement of ballistic missiles of China near the borders of the Russian Federation

In the Kremlin commented on the news about the location of China’s ballistic missiles Intercontinental DF-41 (“East wind”) from the Russian border. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Moscow sees in this event, no threat.


“China is our strategic ally and partner. We greatly value our relationship. We do not perceive it as a threat to our country,” he said in comments to reporters.


About the location of Chinese missiles near Russia’s borders had previously written newspaper Global Times. According to preliminary information, the DF-41 was taken to the Heilongjiang province is about 600 kilometers from the Russian cosmodrome East.


The exact characteristics of the DF-41 because of the strict secrecy is still not known, but experts believe that the range of these missiles Chalet up to 14 thousand kilometers. Presumably, they are equipped with multiple warheads, which includes ten to 12 nuclear units with individual guidance.