The CIA released Soviet military secrets



Central intelligence Agency (CIA) published Soviet military documents related to the conduct of hostilities in Europe in terms of conventional and nuclear war. This is reported by the Rambler/news with reference to “Izvestia”.

In addition, in the book published by the CIA, contains excerpts from the textbooks of the Academy of the General staff of the USSR and the “hundreds of Soviet documents, which, even in modern Russia is available only to those with “security clearance”. All documents from this collection Dating from 1955 to 1985.

As explained to “Izvestia”, this collection was mainly created to illustrate the work of U.S. intelligence to gather information about the main enemy. A full description of the content of the book is over 170 pages, there is an analysis of the images from the reconnaissance aircraft, instruction on the use of various types of armed forces and reports on exercises.

Digitized documents from the CIA were published back in 2012, but the full volume is available only in January 2017. In total we are talking about 11 million pages of documents and materials, service bulletins and notes. Russia’s only access to documents dated prior to 1965.