Spring: “United Russia” will monitor the work of the IFC in the regions


RIA Novosti

“United Russia” in 2017 plans to carry out monitoring of work of the multipurpose centers (MFC) and to introduce at the legislative level for the disqualification of officials for gross violation of service standards. This was announced by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, speaking at the discussion site “As a state” under the Congress party.

“Among the areas in which we will carry out the monitoring, will be monitoring the work of the multipurpose centers, in particular, we will review how services are provided by the government from the recommended list, including the issuance of permits for construction”, – informed it.

In addition, said Spring will be held consultations on the work of the MFC. “It is important to understand how citizens are satisfied with services and quality of service they receive in MPC” she explained.

As one of the tasks of the party in 2017, the MP called the initiative on the prohibition of the re-return of documents to the applicant on grounds not originally stated in the refusal, and the introduction of responsibility for violation of terms of service. “Moreover, we intend at the legislative level to enter a disqualification for a flagrant violation of state and municipal employees of standards of granting of services,” she said.

Improving the quality of integrated centres established as priorities in the programme of the party. “United Russia”, in particular, stated its intention to increase the level of citizens ‘ satisfaction with public services, reduce waiting time in turn at reception of state and municipal services up to 15 minutes and also to extend the list of public services provided in the DCP, to incorporate the most problematic and mass public services (for example, an exchange or obtaining a driver’s license).

On the first day of the Congress of “United Russia”, which opened today in Moscow, on seven forums and discusses the main results of the implementation of the election program of United Russia and the plans for 2017.