Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on a mechanism for monitoring the truce in Syria

Russia, Iran and Turkey at the meeting in Astana agreed to establish a tripartite mechanism for monitoring observance of the truce in Syria. About it reports Reuters.

As follows from the joint statement, read out by Minister of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov, this body “will monitor and ensure full compliance with the cease-fire to prevent any provocations and to determine the modalities of the cease-fire.”

In turn, the Syrian opposition expressed hope for a cessation of hostilities due to further Russia’s role in resolving the conflict. It is reported TASS with reference to the statement by the head of delegation of the opposition Mohammed Alloush.

“We hope and want Russia to continue to play a positive role in establishing peace and in support of real fair political process, the purpose of which would be a settlement in Syria, he said. — We welcome that Russia is moving from a direct role in the fighting in the role of guarantor, which has influence on Iran and Syria. For us it is a positive development towards a resolution.”

Earlier it was reported that neither the opposition, nor the delegates of the Syrian government does not intend to sign the final communiqué.

The two-day talks began in the capital of Kazakhstan on January 23. They are attended by representatives of the official Damascus, the armed Syrian opposition, Russia, Turkey, Iran and the UN. The main issues to be discussed during the meeting, the consolidation of the ceasefire and advance the political negotiation process for an organization meeting in Geneva on 8 February.