Robbed a Bank because of the quarrelsome wife, the American admitted his guilt

Lawrence Rippl

A resident of Kansas, robbed a Bank, not to return home to a grumpy wife and sit quietly in prison, pleaded guilty during the trial. On Tuesday, January 24, reports The Kansas City Star.

The accused, 70-year-old Lawrence Ripple, faces up to 20 years in prison. As follows from the materials of the case, the man in September 2016 came into one of the city banks and handed the teller a note that demanded money and warned that he had a gun.

A Bank employee gave Ripplu money — he took about three thousand dollars, sat in lobby and waited protection. When the security officer of a financial institution came to him, the robber said that he is the very person wanted by the police.

Investigators found that shortly before the robbery rippl wrote to his wife that he would prefer a prison sentence back home. The publication notes that at the hearing in the case of robbery the man came with his wife.