Petersburg can again become Leningrad


Tatiana Braslavskaya/Russian Look

State Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin appealed to the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko with a request to consider the opportunity to return to Saint-Petersburg’s name to Leningrad. It is assumed that the name of the city will wear in the days of the siege, from 19 to 27 January, when I managed to break the blockade. The Deputy-the Communist considers that it would be a great joy for veterans and blockade. In Russia there is another city, which has two names. It’s Volgograd.

In support of the initiative by the President of the motorcycle club “Night Wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, the Surgeon. He said that at the time supported the return to Volgograd name Stalingrad, pass the Rambler/news, citing RT.

The resident Inna Lobanova, a child who survived the siege, said that many elderly people who were children during the blockade, still call the city Leningrad. “And I think that this initiative to a few days the city was called Leningrad, would be very useful, in its way Patriotic for the us. So that people remember that was the 900 days and nights,” she said.