The Polish foreign Ministry has declassified 2008 report on the transition to a Pro-Russian course

The Polish foreign Ministry has declassified the report of the “Theses on politics of the Republic in relation to Russia and Ukraine,” which refers to the country’s transition to a Pro-Russian policy. On Monday, January 23, reports PAP. The document, dated March 4, 2008, signed by the head of the Department for Eastern policy of the Agency Yaroslav Bratkevich. Access to the material had only four people, including who was at that time the post of Minister of foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski. “The authors of the document decided that the Pro-Russian position of Poland will be a certain kind of tool, the trick towards the West, so as to improve the reputation”, — commented on the acting foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski. However, he added that “Ukraine proposes integration, and pseudobase with the West, the fictitious integration”, reports TASS. As stated in the document, the country has a stereotype that Russia

Pompeo has been confirmed as CIA Director

Mike Pompeo The U.S. Senate has approved Mike Pompeo for the position of Director of the CIA, Reuters reports. Pompeo voted for the majority of the senators. Almost all opponents of Pompeo belong to the Democrats. Candidate Pompeo, Congressman from Kansas, made even before his inauguration, President-elect Donald trump. Pompeo previously during the hearings in the Senate on the question of its approval, said that Russia “does little to” destroy “Islamic state.” Also, according to him, Russia is “aggressively asserting itself”, “invading” Ukraine and “occupying” its territory, as it threatens Europe. In addition, according to him, the problems the United States, in addition to “aggressive” Russia, Iran to create a conducting “subversive politics” and China is causing “real tension”. Expressing his opinion about the hacker attacks against Democrats, Pompeo said about the “evidence” that these “aggressive actions” were made by order of Moscow. Pompeo predecessor as Director of the CIA

Off the coast of Sakhalin it is detained for violating the border of Russia African ship

Russian border guards detained in the South of Sakhalin sailing under the flag of Togolese Republic, the ship, the Oyster, which violated the state border. As reported on Monday, January 23, “Interfax”, the incident occurred late last week in the La Perouse Strait. Oyster was heading toward Japan. “In order to prevent the departure of the intruder in Japanese waters, the Sakhalin frontier guards have informed on attempt of illegal crossing of the state border, the headquarters of the 1st district safety management on the sea of Japan and the Department of fisheries and forestry, governorship of Hokkaido. Japanese partners confirmed their readiness to assist” — said the Agency with reference to the press service of border guard of FSB of the region. After that, the area of the vessel was sent to the border patrol ship “coral” and the aviation 6th independent air detachment of the Russian FSB. Oyster

Peskov commented on the failed telephone conversation, Putin and trump

Donald Trump Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the talks between the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump has not yet taken place. His words on Monday, January 23, the correspondent “”. “The phone call agreed. Some more information we don’t yet have, but we do expect that in the near future the date of such telephone call will be agreed. This has not yet happened,” — said Peskov. According to him, preparation for the conversation between the two leaders is conducted through the foreign Ministry. “The foreign Ministry there is a fairly standard procedure for initiating such telephone conversation. Some special contacts here and there can’t be”, — said Peskov. Thus to speak about a personal meeting of Putin and trump is premature, said the representative of the Kremlin. Its format is also not talked about. “This has not been discussed. If the head

Prosecutors and jurists have supported the Dading in the struggle for the abolition of articles of the criminal code

Ildar Dading The Prosecutor General of Russia and the experts of the far Eastern University agreed with the arguments submitted a complaint to the constitutional court opposition activist Ildar Dading — the only convict to imprisonment for repeated violation of order of organizing or holding rallies or pickets. About it writes “Kommersant”. In conclusion, the University States that the criminalization of repeated violations of the established procedure of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing without the consequences and indications of them in the criminal law, as it is described in the article 212.1 of the criminal code is unfounded. The reason is that “do not exist two important criteria of criminalization is a necessary and sufficiently high degree of social danger of the act and the infliction of harm to legally protected public relations.” The study highlights that “one and the same offence can neither simultaneously nor

Spring: “United Russia” will monitor the work of the IFC in the regions

Photo: RIA Novosti “United Russia” in 2017 plans to carry out monitoring of work of the multipurpose centers (MFC) and to introduce at the legislative level for the disqualification of officials for gross violation of service standards. This was announced by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, speaking at the discussion site “As a state” under the Congress party. “Among the areas in which we will carry out the monitoring, will be monitoring the work of the multipurpose centers, in particular, we will review how services are provided by the government from the recommended list, including the issuance of permits for construction”, – informed it. In addition, said Spring will be held consultations on the work of the MFC. “It is important to understand how citizens are satisfied with services and quality of service they receive in MPC” she explained. As one of the tasks of the party in

The head of the foreign Ministry of Hungary will visit Moscow on January 23

Photo: RIA Novosti Minister of foreign economic relations and foreign Affairs of Hungary péter Szijjártó will make a January 23 visit to Moscow at the invitation of Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. This was reported on the Russian MFA website. “Bilateral relations between our countries are developing positively and are characterized by a high degree of mutual trust, stability, pragmatism. Between Russia and Hungary at the present time, there is no serious outstanding issues,” reads the statement. It is noted that Szijjarto’s visit to Moscow seen as the next stage in the development of intensive political dialogue between Russia and Hungary.

Became known the official name of the eighth episode of “Star wars”

The eighth part of the cult series “Star wars” will be called “the Last Jedi” (“The Last Jedi”), the information about this posted in the official Twitter of the film, which deals with the company of the author of the Saga of George Lucas.   It is also reported that the next episode will be released in December 2017, that is less than a year. The announcement caused excitement among fans of the Saga, at the moment, the Twitter account has collected about 150 000 posts and newsworthy for dozens of the world’s media.   Earlier it became known that the actress Carrie Fisher, known for the role of Princess Leia in “Star wars,” has died at age 60 of a heart attack. However, Fisher managed to finish filming the eighth episode, and fans of Princess Leia will be able to see her there. Photo: Birdie Thompson / AdMedia /

De Niro, Depp and Affleck will compete for the “Golden raspberry”

The number of applicants to receive an anti-award in film this year included such popular actors as Robert De Niro, johnny Depp and Ben Affleck. The list of nominees for the “Golden raspberry” was announced by the organizers live on CNN.   According to critics, in 2016 there were so many bad films and played roles that had to increase to six the number of applicants in each category. Absolute leaders of the rating – movies “Zoolander 2” and “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, they are presented in 8 and 9 categories, respectively.   For the title of worst actor of the year will compete Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Gerard Butler and Dinesh D’souza. Among women for a “Razzie” expect Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, Naomi watts, Shailene Woodley and Becky Turner. The names of the winners in the US will call on February 25.

The U.S. Senate approved the candidacy of Tillerson to the post of head of the state Department

The Senate Committee of Congress on foreign Affairs supported the candidacy of businessman Rex Tillerson, who was nominated for the post of head of American diplomacy President Donald trump, reported TASS.   It is noted that full approval Tillerson now separated only by the vote of the upper house, it must obtain a simple majority of votes. Several influential senators from the Republican party, including John McCain, said that he would support Tillerson, despite the fact that they had expressed concerns about alleged ties protege of Donald trump with Russia.   Earlier, the head of the oil company ExxonMobil to pass the Senate hearings, where he made several important statements regarding US policy in the world. In particular, Tillerson announced the conditions under which America recognize the Russian Crimea, and stated that it will advise Trump to veto the lifting of the embargo with Cuba. Photo: Xinhua Bao Dandan /