Israel announced construction of new homes in the West Bank

Israeli defense Ministry announced the construction of a 2.5 thousand new homes in the West Bank of the Jordan river. About it reports Reuters.

According to the statement of the Ministry, the project has been approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. The houses will be built mostly within existing settlements. The goal of this project is “to meet the demand for housing to maintain a normal process of life”. 100 of the total number of houses will be built in Beit El, the money for the extension which distinguishes the son in law of the President of the United States Donald trump Jared Kushner.

January 22, Netanyahu has lifted a ban on the construction of houses in East Jerusalem. “You don’t need to coordinate construction in the Jewish neighborhoods, he said. — We will build where you want and how you want to.” Then he promised that one Jerusalem is not limited, and construction will begin soon on the West Bank of the Jordan.

During the reign of Barack Obama tel Aviv was forced to coordinate its construction activity in the Palestinian territories with the foreign policy of the previous US administration, speaking against the construction of new homes because of fears of exacerbation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

New President Donald trump is known as an ardent supporter of Israel. The foreign Ministry of the Jewish state it is called “a true friend in the White house”, noting that it is extremely happy with his actions.

November 15 education Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett said that the coming to power in the United States Donald trump opens up the opportunity for tel Aviv to withdraw from the stated commitment to a Palestinian state. “For anybody not a secret: I think that the creation of Palestine in the heart of Israel was a big mistake. I think we need to bring alternative new ideas instead of the current approach, the existence of a Palestinian state,” he added.

In 1967 during the six day war, Israel occupied the West Bank of the Jordan river and began the construction of Jewish settlements. The UN considers this activities in this territory illegal and contrary to international law.