Investigators working on the shot in front of the woman driver on the ring road

In fact the injured woman on the ring road, a criminal case about attempt at murder and illegal arms trafficking. This is stated in the message on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

Earlier Tuesday, 24 January, unknown several times shot at driving a Ford, a motorist who was traveling in the area of the 105-kilometer ring road. Then the criminal disappeared.

“The victim with a gunshot wound hospitalized in a medical institution where she is given all necessary help”, — stressed in the TFR. Investigators are searching for involved in the attack and interrogate possible witnesses.

Earlier it was reported that the victim was the wife of businessman Michael Lerner (a former business partner, Anatoly Chubais). “[42-year-old] Svetlana Lerner shot in the face from a traumatic gun. The woman received a tangent wound lip and sent in GKB №36,” — said TASS a source in medical circles of the capital. According to threats to her life or not.

“Moskovsky Komsomolets” describes the incident: the woman was driving in his Ford, when suddenly heard the sound of breaking glass and felt the pain shot from a passing black car. Tangentially bullet passed through the chin, the second bullet went from the neck.

Michael Lerner was convicted in 2014 in Moscow at six years of imprisonment for swindle in especially large size.