In the state Duma do not exclude that the trump course will lead to a new arms race


RIA Novosti

The statements of the new US President Donald trump on the tasks in the field of foreign policy and strengthening the power of the American army in case of realization can lead to a new arms race, said the RNS, the Chairman of the state Duma Commission on assistance to defense enterprises Vladimir Gutenev.

“Turn towards domestic policy, which declares the trump, along with international political discharge, which can occur with high probability will lead not only to a revival of economic power of the American state, particularly the middle class, but also to increase defence spending, qualitative strengthening of the us army. And, in some cases – to the necessary, albeit asymmetric, but still the reaction from the Russian side in order to reduce potential threats,” – said Gutenev, commenting on the thesis to increase defence spending, expressed in the inaugural address of the 45th President of the United States.

According to him, “a certain pause and a careful analysis of all the proposals that have come and those that will arise in the near future by the new administration of the President of the United States.”

“The proposals trump to discuss a possible reduction of nuclear weapons – is unacceptable for Russia ideology, which can lead to involvement in the conventional arms race,” – said the Deputy.

In his opinion, “the basis for successful diplomacy and correction of relations between Russia and the United States are not the political views of individual figures and leaders of American society, but first and foremost is the revival of technological and economic power of the Russian state”.