Graham Phillips was thrown out of British Parliament: video

British journalist Graham Phillips withdrew from the British Parliament, where he came to the meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the UK and Ukraine.


A 15-second clip, as a conclusion of Phillips, has posted on his Twitter page of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK. It shows the journalist shouting in English: “get Out of here!”. Sam Phillips while accusing the UK authorities in support of the Ukrainian army, mass killing of civilians in the Donbass.


“Nobody can spoil the relations of great Britain with Ukraine. Even the Russian puppet propagandist Graham Phillips, who accompanied the police withdrew from the Parliament,” reads the caption to the video.


Graham Phillips has also posted on his YouTube video of the incident. The video shows how during the speech of the member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom sir Gerald Howarth journalist starts asking him awkward questions.


“You will tell how Ukrainian troops shelled the Donbass and killing civilians? The UK should not support the killing of civilians, carried out by the Ukrainian army. It is the only possible topic of conversation,” said Graham Phillips in the hall, taking the video.


He said that he has that he has evidence of massacres of civilians by fighters of VSU and he spent three years covering the conflict in the Donbass. However, the audience began to shout out to the Phillips “the liar” and demanded he “get out of here.”


Ukraine has long announced Graham Phillips persona non grata – banned from entering the country, and the Ukrainian portal “Peacemaker” posted on his page in Facebook a veiled order to murder a British journalist.

Video: Ukraine’s Emb. to UK / Twitter