February 1, “the far Eastern hectares” can be done in any MFC Russia

From 1 February 2017, all residents of the Russian Federation will be able to make application for a “far Eastern acres” in any of multifunctional center of public services (MFC), reported on the official website of the Ministry for development of Russian Far East.


The registration of applications will occur via the information system “Nadalnews.Russia,” the statement reads. The right to receive “far Eastern hectare”, which was previously provided only to residents of the far East region, from 1 February will have any Russians.


“From 1 February, “far Eastern hectares” will be able to obtain any citizen of Russia. This created a Federal information system “Nadalnews.Of the Russian Federation”. Through this site without red tape and bureaucracy, you can apply for getting the land. This can be done at home or from anywhere by Internet or go to the MFC,” said the head of Department Alexander Galushka.

Photo: Konstantin Mikhailov / Globallookpress