Adviser to trump urged to arrest Madonna


Madonna should be arrested for saying that she “thought to blow up the White house” after winning Donald trump on the election of the President of the United States. This statement was made by adviser to the Republican, former speaker of the house of representatives newt Gingrich in the Fox News, reported in the microblog channel on Twitter.

“This is the new left-wing fascism. She is part of it, I think we should be ready to protect yourself… Madonna should be arrested,” said Gingrich.

23 Jan Madonna explained that her harsh expressions on the women’s protest March to trump was taken out of context. “I’m not a violent person and do not promote violence… My speech begins with the words “I want to start a revolution of love”… My statement was a metaphor,” she said.

Madonna has acted with sharp expressions in the address of the new US President on January 21 women’s March in Washington. “It took this horrific moment of darkness, to Wake us,” she told the gathered crowd, adding obscene expression. Using the same words it is also “sent” trump. She also stated that “a very evil and a lot of thought about how to blow up the White house, but it will not change anything,” reports The Huffington Post. The singer called the rally the beginning of the revolution and urged not to retreat and not to fall into despair.

The campaign against trump, entered the office of the President January 20, were held in USA, Canada, UK, and other countries. The President, commenting on what is happening, wondered why the protesters didn’t vote in the elections.