Vladimir Putin congratulated DOSAAF with the 90th anniversary


RIA Novosti

People who have passed school of Voluntary society of assistance to army, aviation and fleet (DOSAAF), has always been popular in life and achieved success in various fields, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin in congratulatory message on 90th anniversary of the society.

“People who have passed school DOSAAF, has always been popular in life, achieved success in different fields – economy, industry, design bureaus and research centers”, – said in a greeting read out by the first Deputy Minister of defense of Russia Ruslan Zelikova at a gala evening in the Theatre of the Russian army.

According to the head of the state, hundreds of thousands of pupils DOSAAF fought on the fronts of the great Patriotic war in the most difficult situations has consistently demonstrated excellent training, courage, and personal courage. At the same created in the distant 1927, OSOAVIAKHIM United under its banner active, energetic young generation of the country, seeking to benefit the Homeland.

“It is important that DOSAAF cherishes these glorious historical, Patriotic, educational traditions, doing much for the education of youth, development of aviation and technical sports. Spends most, creative work as part of a search and Junior military movements. And of course, your significant contribution to the training of recruits for service in the Armed forces”, – concluded Putin.