Ukraine takes Crimea from their prisoners

Ukraine will take away from Russia its citizens serving sentences in prisons in the Crimea. This is with reference to the Ministry of justice, reports TASS. We are talking about prisoners whose sentences were imposed prior to March 18, 2014 and which has already served the sentence when the Peninsula returned to Russia.


“From the Ukrainian side agreed with the move the number of Ukrainian citizens serving sentences in correctional facilities of Russia, who was convicted by verdicts of Ukrainian courts to deprivation of liberty prior to March 18, 2014 and the reunification of the Crimea with Russia were held in prisons on the territory of the Peninsula”, – reported in Department.


Initially, Moscow and Kiev discussed the transfer of 18 detainees. In the process of negotiations one of them was out on PAROLE, and one was a citizen of Russia. Therefore, Ukraine will travel to 16 people. They will continue to serve his sentence, but already on the territory of a neighboring state.

Photo: Anton Belitsky / Russian Look / Globallookpress