The inauguration of the trump was timed to the Day of the Republic of Crimea, Konstantinov believes



The speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov made a joke at the ceremonial meeting of the state Council of Crimea on Friday that the inauguration of the new President of the USA was timed to celebrate 20 Jan Day of the Republic of Crimea and the Crimean anniversary of the first referendum.

Crimea on 20 January, marks the Day of Republic. On this day in 1991, Crimea held the first in the former Soviet Union a referendum on the reinstatement of status of autonomy. Vladimir Konstantinov expressed the view that the referendum in 1991 was the starting point for the fateful referendum in 2014, which returned to Crimea in structure of Russia.

“Crimea was for many political forces iconic. Come down to the fact that the inauguration of the new President of the USA was timed to our Republic Day,” — said Konstantinov.

Konstantinov said that his statement was a joke, but three years ago it a coincidence no one would pay attention.

“Perhaps, over time, the world-historic significance of the referendum (in Crimea) will overshadow such an ordinary event as the entrance to the White house next guests”, — said Konstantinov.

In a referendum on 20 January 1991 the question was asked: “are You for the reconstruction of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as subject of USSR and participant of allied agreement?” Positively answered 1 million 343 thousand 855 persons (93,26%). All in all, the referendum was attended by 81.3% of the Crimean people, possessing the right to vote.

The ceremony of inauguration of the President of the United States held January 20 beginning in 1937 (the second inaugural ceremony of Franklin Delano Roosevelt). This date was identified as adopted in 1933, the 20th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which States that the terms of office of the President and Vice-President of the USA ends at noon on January 20, from this period begin the terms of office of their successors.