The foreign Ministry of Russia announced the implementation of the “color script” in Venezuela


RIA Novosti

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia said that in Venezuela implemented a “color script”. This is stated in a statement posted on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The foreign Ministry said that the situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate.

“The radical wing of the anti-government camp, who stood at the helm of the national Parliament, increased aggressive rhetoric and took a course on “civil disobedience”, – said the Agency.

In the country there is a preparation of demonstrations that are planned for the coming days. The foreign Ministry added that the demonstration is fraught with clashes with the police and provoke violence and victims.

“Like this “color” scenario, unfortunately, is not new. Its course and consequences it is easy to calculate, if you remember the events that took place in recent years in several other countries. Their experience is usually sad,” said the Ministry.

Earlier, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro called attempt of a coup d’etat recognition of the opposition of the Parliament of the country of his “resignation”.