The administration trump did not mention Russia among the military threats



Protection from missile threats from North Korea and Iran, as well as countering threats in cyberspace will become the priorities of military construction administration of the 45th President of Donald trump, whose inauguration took place in the us capital on Friday. Immediately after the ceremony on the White house website was published a laconic programme of action of the new administration, consisting of six sections. Military construction the subject of a separate item in which the administration promises to modernize the armed forces and to take care of veterans.

“We cannot allow other Nations have surpassed the U.S. in military capabilities. Administration trump will achieve the highest level of military readiness,” the document says. For this purpose the President intends to “end its policy of cutting the military budget”, which the US has taken in recent years to curb rising national debt. It will provide to Congress a plan for the modernization of the armed forces.

Russia is not mentioned in the document, while the military leadership of the former administration of Barack Obama has put Russia in first place in the list of threats to the United States. Among the particular States that threaten the US named Iran and North Korea: “We will develop advanced missile defense system to protect against missile attacks from States like Iran and North Korea”.

Another priority called improving protection mechanisms in cyberspace. Recall that the former administration put forward against the Russian accusations of cyber attacks against the electoral institutions of the United States, at the same time, without citing specific evidence. Trump, after the security briefing on this subject is also recognized that probably “it was Russia”. In Moscow, these insinuations were rejected. At the same time, the document the White house we are talking more about the protection of military information systems: “We must take measures to protect our secrets and systems in the field of national security. Our priority will be the development of defensive and offensive capabilities of the U.S. Cyber command”.

The new administration promises to provide soldiers and their families “better health care, education and support” during service and after retirement, including through reform of the Ministry of veterans Affairs.

In the foreign policy section of the program explains why trump attached such importance to the modernization of the armed forces. “Peace from a position of strength is Central in the foreign policy, – underlined in the document. – This principle will make the world a more peaceful and stable, reduce conflict and expand common interests.”