Protesters seized the point of entry on the border of Mexico and USA

Protesters took control of one of the busiest points of entry Otay Mesa, connecting Mexican Tijuana and the us city of San Diego. As reported on Monday, January 23, the Associated Press, there are about 50 demonstrators protesting against rising petrol prices in the country.

Participants of the action hold in hand posters with claims against the government of Mexican leader Enrique peña Nieto.

It is noted that because of the demonstrators for a few hours had hampered the movement of vehicles in the district of San Isidro.

According to the Agency, these protests are irrelevant to the election of the President of the United States Donald trump and his taking office.

Protests against the increase in gasoline prices in Mexico have repeatedly escalated into riots. Rising prices caused by the depreciation of the national currency, the peso.