The Ministry of culture has declared discussion of the Church’s claims of Tauric Chersonesos

“Chersonese” In the culture called the controversial issue of the transfer of the Church 24 sites of historical and archaeological Museum-reserve “Chersonese”. About this “Interfax” reported, first Deputy culture Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov. “We are required by law to give to the Church property, which had previously been a Church, but with one condition: if the Museum receives adequate replacement of these facilities. The question of whether the impact of this facility is debatable. Requires discussion with the Church and the Museum community, our Ministry,” he said. Director of Tauric Chersonesos Svetlana Melnikova said the National news service (NSN) that the transfer of the buildings of the sanctuary of the Church can inflict serious damage. “You have to understand that those buildings, which are claimed Simferopol diocese, are located the exhibition area of the Museum, storage facility, restoration workshops,” — said Melnikov. Earlier on January 23 it became known that the

Vladimir Putin congratulated DOSAAF with the 90th anniversary

Photo: RIA Novosti People who have passed school of Voluntary society of assistance to army, aviation and fleet (DOSAAF), has always been popular in life and achieved success in various fields, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin in congratulatory message on 90th anniversary of the society. “People who have passed school DOSAAF, has always been popular in life, achieved success in different fields – economy, industry, design bureaus and research centers”, – said in a greeting read out by the first Deputy Minister of defense of Russia Ruslan Zelikova at a gala evening in the Theatre of the Russian army. According to the head of the state, hundreds of thousands of pupils DOSAAF fought on the fronts of the great Patriotic war in the most difficult situations has consistently demonstrated excellent training, courage, and personal courage. At the same created in the distant 1927, OSOAVIAKHIM United under its banner active,

Shuvalov called horror stories opinion Chubais forum in Davos

Photo: RIA Novosti First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov called the statement of head “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais on the Davos forum horror stories and evaluation, are far from economic reality. This opinion was expressed by Igor Shuvalov in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”. “It scares, some very emotional evaluation. It does not relate to reality and to the request of the ordinary citizen is generally irrelevant. Because you need to build a strong economy. You can debate all you want, is there a crisis in liberal values or not. It’s all talk, which are irrelevant to real economic life, though with me I bet the people who talk about it a lot”, he said. Shuvalov noted that, as a member of the world economic forum in Davos, “horror” was not seen. Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of Anatoly Chubais

Bombers videoconferencing struck to objects of IG in Deir-ez-Zor

Long-range bomber Tu-22M3 © Office of the press service and information Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation/TASS MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. Six long-range bombers Tu-22M3 of the Russian Federation videoconferencing, flying over Iraq and Iran, launched an airstrike on the control points, warehouses with weapons and ammunition of militants “Islamic state” (movement banned in Russia) acting in the area of the Syrian village of Deir-ez-Zor. This was reported in the defense Ministry.

The Moscow ABM system recorded more than 10 launches of Russian missiles in 2016

Radar “don-2N” Moscow ABM system © Mikhail Metzel/TASS MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. Missile defense system (NMD) in Moscow over the past year found more than 10 launches of Russian ballistic missiles and space rockets. This was reported in the defense Ministry. “In the course of combat duty in the missile defense of Moscow and the Central industrial district in the past year, the radar “don-2N” missile defense system was discovered more than 10 launches of ballistic missiles and space rockets made of Russian sites, launch sites, and marine areas”, – stated in the message.

ARD has clearly planned the release date of the film about doping in Russia – coach

Coach Sergey Epishin commented on the new film by German TV channel ARD about doping in Russia. As said the coach in an interview with radio “Star”, he never met with a new informant of the channel – the Russian athlete Andrey Dmitriev.   “The fact that for me, it is, of course, of course, complete nonsense, I don’t know where and how he was able to invent it all. I never knew him personally, I never knew the existence of this athlete Andrey Dmitriev. In the first film, Hyo Seppelt Stepanova in this role were (informant), I was there too, mentioned in passing, so, they decided to try and make this as much information as possible,” said Yepishin.   He added that this film was released in advance of the meeting for the restoration of Russia’s membership in the international Federation of athletics.   “They are on the third

The UNESCO-protected architectural monument was saved by the sappers of the Russian Federation in Aleppo

In the catacombs under an ancient building in Aleppo the Russian sappers defused a bookmark left occupaying militants. The power of the explosive device was three hundred pounds of TNT.   The terrorists set up in this building the stronghold, drove him from the students who were here school. Retreating, they left in the basement of an explosive device with a capacity of three hundred kg of TNT, which was discovered by Russian engineers. Device was located between the support columns, so that in the case of blasting a monument of architecture was completely destroyed.   “Bookmark is designed so that the civilians would stop stretching, respectively, due to the spring freed the firing pin and the undermining will occur. If it will be engineers who will find this a mine by cutting of the fishing line or thread, also happens to undermine. In all the danger” – said the

Flights between Russia and Egypt may resume in March

Flights between Russia and Egypt may resume in March, said a source in Cairo, close to the inspection area at the airport. This writes TASS. According to him, was purchased biometric scanning system personnel fingerprints and the retina of the eye. However, at the Cairo airport it still does not work, but in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh the instrument is running only in test mode. After running all systems for final inspection of the second terminal of the capital airport need to arrive another delegation of Russian experts. After which the parties will sign the agreement on aviation security. “And only after that we will talk about the timing of the resumption of flights. At best, this is expected by the end of February, most likely in March,” he said. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa / Globallookpress

HRC prepared critical comments to the “Spring package”

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. The members of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) has prepared critical comments to anti-terrorism package of laws (the so-called “Spring package”). At the conclusion of the project, a copy of which is available on TASS, indicated that the number of regulations imposed by this law, “creates opportunities for arbitrariness and abuse in the imposition of liability.” In particular, such a definition, the members of the Council used in relation to the article of the criminal code “failure to report a crime.” “Liability for non-notification to the competent authorities about known preparing or committed crime not is based on clearly defined elements of a crime from the point of view, neither the objective nor the subjective side. It is not clear why and how a person must determine the appropriate body for the message; it