Matvienko commented on reports about the establishment of new military bases of the Russian Federation abroad

Valentina Matvienko The Russian authorities do not plan to create new military bases on the territory of foreign States. Such a statement on Monday, January 23, was made by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, reports TASS. “This issue was not discussed, talk about the creation of new military bases of Russia abroad is not,” said the Senator, commenting on the expansion of the territory of item logistics of the Russian Navy in the Syrian port of Tartus. Speaking about the agreement between Russia and Syria at the base in Tartus, Matvienko noted its importance. According to her, if the state Duma ratifies the document this week, the Federation Council will consider on the 1st of February. The speaker also recalled that the base in the Syrian port is an important strategic military point, and stressed that the agreement was signed with the legitimate government of Syria. In

In the state Duma reported about the analysis of “legal debris”

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / The state Duma of the seventh convocation have already successfully dealt with the primary “legal obstructions” that it inherited from its predecessors. About TASS said the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev, summing up the plenary of the second week of January. Thus, according to him, the deputies show a differentiated approach to all initiatives, regardless of their authorship, and in detail discuss socially important documents, even recommended by the relevant committees to be rejected. “I want to say that we have a very differentiated approach to all the bills, and if the laws are obviously serious, meaningful social nature, even if we do not believe it is possible to take them in this edition, we still discuss them in detail,” — said Isayev. He also said that the parliamentary majority “takes a differentiated approach to the bills of the opposition.”

ROC wants to take the Chersonese

Russian Orthodox Church wants to get their property in the Museum-reserve Chersonese Taurian in Sevastopol. ROC seeks the transfer of 24 objects. It is reported portal “Rosbalt” with reference to local TV channel NTS.   According to the Dean of Sevastopol district Archpriest Sergei Haloti, this initiative will help “begin the process of genuine development of the National reserve”.   As noted Halota, has already begun the process of preparing the documents. All – in the framework of the implementation of the law 327, dated 11 November 2010 “On the transfer of Church property which is in state or municipal ownership”. That is, according to the Dean, the Simferopol and Crimean diocese obey the law of the Russian Federation.   All buildings that are currently on the territory of Chersonesos are the structures of the former Vladimir monastery, says Kaluta. In his opinion, the state is obliged to take care

Nanny Bobokulov sent for compulsory treatment

Gulchehra Bobokulov, who killed and decapitated the child, a nanny who was sent to a psychiatric hospital for compulsory treatment. To such an extent she was sentenced by the court. As reported “Interfax”, the appeal to this decision was received and the sentence came into force on Monday, January 23.   The murder was committed on 29 February. Bobokulov strangled a four year old girl looked out, and then cut off her head. To hide traces of crime, the native of Uzbekistan has set fire to the apartment.   Bobokulov detained near the metro station “Oktyabr’skoe pole”, where she was waving the baby’s head and threatened to blow himself up. First, the woman claimed about his involvement with the terrorists, but the investigation has a version that she is mentally ill. Examination confirmed this.   Khoroshevsky court of Moscow on 24 November freed her from criminal responsibility and sentenced to

The FEMEN movement has ceased to exist

Known for the scandalous movement FEMEN has ceased to exist. About it in interview to the Ukrainian edition of “Apostrophe” said the activist Yana Zhdanova.   “FEMEN does not already exist. In 2015 it’s already over. All parted like ships at sea,” Zhdanov said, adding that the original concept of the movement was lost, and in different countries only are individual stocks.   “The team that was before, not anymore. Now FEMEN is no longer an organization, but the style of protest,” the activist added.   According to zhdanovoj, the collapse of FEMEN as a movement began with the appearance of “self-proclaimed leaders.” Specifically, one activist to accuse did not. Photo: Vasyl Shevchenko/ Globallookpress

In the Kremlin consider that it is too early to talk about the turnout for presidential elections in 2018

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. The theme of the presidential elections of 2018 is not on the agenda of the Kremlin. This was reported to journalists the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of how the administration of the President, assess the risks of low turnout in the upcoming presidential election, and what is the landmark of the turnout.

Greek farmers began to block roads with tractors for higher taxes

Archive photo Greek farmers started to block the road with tractors and other machinery in protest against taxes. It is reported by the Athens News Agency (ANA). The first event was attended by farmers from Veria, located in the province of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece. “We start the rallies, mobilise supporters, as farmers are coming rainy days. We can not deal with the tax burden and rising costs of production, it is a question of survival,”— said the President of the Association of farmers taxis Halkidis. The protesters intend to block the road and a number of buildings in which are located the bodies of local government. As expected, the peak of the protests should be on 24 January, when the stock will be joined by farmers from many regions of the country. On December 8 last year in Greece there was a national strike declared against the labor

Chinese official sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes

Former Deputy Chairman of the main Advisory body of China all — China Committee of National political consultative Council of China su Rong (Su Rong) was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes in 116 million yuan (16.8 million dollars). On Monday, January 23, reports “Xinhua”. The sentence passed by the court of Jinan city in Shandong province. Su guna also deprived of political rights, his property shall be confiscated. According to the investigation, su Rong abused official position, holding various management positions from 2002 to 2014, took bribes personally or through proxies. According to the Agency, the former official is not going to appeal the verdict. After the election of the President of China in March 2013, XI Jinping, urged to struggle with corruption, striking “and the tiger and the fly”, that is, sparing neither small, nor the most senior officials. Since then, the time dozens of officials

The city authorities refused to coordinate meeting against the decriminalization of beating

View of the Marsh area Moscow authorities refused to agree to hold a rally against the decriminalization of domestic violence on Bolotnaya square. Response of the Moscow Department of regional security and combating corruption posted on the event page in Facebook. In the mayor’s office decided that in this place there is no ground for holding a public event with the stated number of participants. “Besides, the rally on Bolotnaya square will interfere with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles, restrict access of Muscovites to the infrastructure, violate the rights of citizens not participating in the event,” — said in a letter to the Department. The organizers are planning to submit a new application to hold the event on 4 February in the Park “Sokolniki”. The refusal of the Department will be challenged in court. The rally was scheduled to be held on January 28 on Bolotnaya square. The declared