In Russia expanded the list of controlled psychotropic substances

Photo: The Department of internal Affairs across the Belgorod region The Russian government expanded the list of narcotic and psychotropic substances and their precursors subject to control in the country. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, reported on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to the government, in some regions of the Russian Federation there are new psychoactive substances related to synthetic cannabinoids, in addition, on the territory of foreign States were recorded the appearance of 4-chloro-N-(1-finetipped-2-iliden) benzosulfimide. Also, changes were made in several articles of the criminal code, they relate to a considerable, large and especially large sizes of narcotics and psychotropic substances. “The decisions will contribute to the strengthening of state control over the circulation of new types of drugs”, – stated in the certificate of the Cabinet.

In China from under the water “looked” Buddha

In China from under the water “looked” Buddha. This event was made into a mystical horror shudder millions of people.   According to the Agency “Xinhua”, the river on the South-East of the country was low and the tip of an ancient statue surfaced. Her height is around 4 meters. And under it, the divers found the basis of the whole of the ancient temple. All in good condition. Discovery is now actively studied by the archaeologists. According to some, it could be carved in the Ming dynasty is from the 14th century. Others refer the masterpiece of the dynasty of Yun – even a century earlier.   It all flooded in 1960 when the Chinese state actively Mao Zedong fought with the opposition. In those years, gangs of Teens in his name smashed and burned churches and monasteries, then even part of the great wall of China was demolished,

Ukraine takes Crimea from their prisoners

Ukraine will take away from Russia its citizens serving sentences in prisons in the Crimea. This is with reference to the Ministry of justice, reports TASS. We are talking about prisoners whose sentences were imposed prior to March 18, 2014 and which has already served the sentence when the Peninsula returned to Russia.   “From the Ukrainian side agreed with the move the number of Ukrainian citizens serving sentences in correctional facilities of Russia, who was convicted by verdicts of Ukrainian courts to deprivation of liberty prior to March 18, 2014 and the reunification of the Crimea with Russia were held in prisons on the territory of the Peninsula”, – reported in Department.   Initially, Moscow and Kiev discussed the transfer of 18 detainees. In the process of negotiations one of them was out on PAROLE, and one was a citizen of Russia. Therefore, Ukraine will travel to 16 people.

Media: school leaders in Moscow for more than 20 years sexually harassed students

Heads of Moscow educational institutions “League of schools” for more than 20 years sexually molested his students. Article investigation on Monday, 23 January, published “Medusa“. The correspondent of the publication spoke with dozens of alumni and former staff of the school, who spoke about the harassment of the headmaster Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nicholas Izyumova.   “League of schools” worked from 1994 to 2015 in the Yasenevo district, and has positioned itself as an institution for gifted children. Students took the seventh grade and the relationship between them and the management was informal. Thus, the publication writes that every morning Izyumov met the disciples on the porch and kissed girls on the cheek, sometimes “missing” and getting into the mouth.   The interlocutors told the newspaper that the two leaders met with the girls outside the school, forcing them to undress, kiss them, and drove with him to the

The judge, the COP considers inadmissible the request of the Ministry of justice in the Yukos case

© Vadim Zhernov/TASS SAINT PETERSBURG, January 23. /TASS/. The appeal of the Ministry of justice to the constitutional court (CC) on the impossibility of execution of the decision of the European court of human rights (ECHR) in the Yukos case should not be heard by the court. This is stated in the dissenting opinion judges of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yaroslavtseva, published together with the decision of the constitutional court.

Liberal human rights activists have accused trump of bribery

Donald Trump American liberal advocacy group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) announced the intention to file a lawsuit against President Donald trump on suspicion of corruption. It is reported by The New York Times. According to human rights activists, trump, violates the U.S. Constitution by taking money from foreign governments. In particular, they indicate that he owned the hotel foreign officials, they are trained on a Golf course, and trump enterprises doing business with foreign public companies. The thus-obtained funds, says CREW are trick that could force the U.S. President to take a decision contrary to the interests of the country. The organization intends to achieve from the Federal court in new York official prohibition Trump to accept funds from foreign governments. In particular, the CREW hopes to deprive of the President of the income from the network of hotels and Golf clubs, and also not allow

The closest ally of Sarkozy received a prison sentence

Claude Gean The closest ally of Nicolas Sarkozy and former interior Minister of France Claude Gean has received two years of imprisonment, one of which will be spent in prison. It is reported BFMTV. A ruling made by the court of appeal of Paris, which also ruled with Geena 75 thousand Euro fine and banned him for five years to occupy posts in system of public administration. The case against the former official was opened in 2013. Then it became known that in 2002-2004 Gean, who held the post of chief of staff of the interior Ministry, received a monthly budget of special Fund of the office of 10 thousand euros. Half of the money he kept the second part was distributed between the three participants in this scheme. A total of Gean convicted of financial violations for the sum of 210 thousand euros. During the hearings, former Minister denied

The Omsk authorities have announced a special offer of free admission of snow

The administration of Omsk, which has dropped an abnormal amount of precipitation, has announced a special offer of free admission of snow from the townspeople. The corresponding order was given by the mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky. On Monday, January 23, reports FlashSiberia. “The snow is no solid waste is accepted from businesses and individuals free of charge and without tickets,” — said in the city administration. According to the Agency, now snow in Omsk is conducted around the clock, every day on the streets of the city employs about 200 units of special equipment. In total since the beginning of winter the city was taken 326 thousand cubic meters of snow. Earlier in January, Omsk activists began to leave the snow on the Governor to draw the attention of the city authorities for snow removal. So, one of the inscriptions read: “for Snow Dvorakovsky!”. Director of Department of road economy and

The police took prevented the ambulance as a taxi driver in the Krasnoyarsk

The police dealt with the incident in the courtyard of a residential building in Krasnoyarsk, where the taxi driver refused to give way to the ambulance. About it RIA Novosti said Deputy head of the press service of the regional Glaucus Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Yurchenko. “The police are checking the video posted on a social network, where, presumably, there was a conflict between an ambulance driver and a driver of a passenger car”, — he said. According to Yurchenko, if the fault of the taxi driver is installed, it will involve in administrative responsibility. On 22 January in “Vkontakte” appeared a video in which a motorist for some time refused to pass the ambulance. The vehicle driver had to threaten to call the police, and after some time the taxi driver still drove off. Video: Revizorro Krasnoyarsk / Vkontakte Earlier in the same month in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky brigade ambulance