Medvedev was re-elected head of “United Russia”

Dmitry Medvedev

The Congress of “United Russia” in the course of open voting was re-elected Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Chairman of the party. On Sunday, January 22, the correspondent “reports”.

The head of the government thanked members for their confidence in him.

In addition, at the Congress the head of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the EP, responsible for the strategic development of the party, re-elected the former speaker of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov.

EP the Charter allows the Chairman of the party, in particular, to convene an extraordinary Congress, to suspend the powers of members of the Central bodies of the party or leadership of departments. Also, the President may suspend the decisions of the governing bodies, with the exception taken by the Congress party.

Medvedev headed the party list in the parliamentary elections in the state Duma, which took place in September last year. Later refused the mandate, which was passed to the activist of the popular front of Buryatia Nicholas Bugueva.

First Medvedev was elected President of the EP at the party Congress in September 2012.