Media: school leaders in Moscow for more than 20 years sexually harassed students

Heads of Moscow educational institutions “League of schools” for more than 20 years sexually molested his students. Article investigation on Monday, 23 January, published “Medusa“. The correspondent of the publication spoke with dozens of alumni and former staff of the school, who spoke about the harassment of the headmaster Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nicholas Izyumova.


“League of schools” worked from 1994 to 2015 in the Yasenevo district, and has positioned itself as an institution for gifted children. Students took the seventh grade and the relationship between them and the management was informal. Thus, the publication writes that every morning Izyumov met the disciples on the porch and kissed girls on the cheek, sometimes “missing” and getting into the mouth.


The interlocutors told the newspaper that the two leaders met with the girls outside the school, forcing them to undress, kiss them, and drove with him to the bath. The school has repeatedly against girls, put them on their knees, touched their private parts. In several cases it came to sex, and one of the girls – Lera (name changed) is pregnant by Bebchuk and had an abortion. Another graduate, Faith Volyak, had sex with three Bebchuk and his wife when she was 15 years old.


“Despite repeated sex, in which, according to Bebchuk, he didn’t just “torn rubber”, I’m not pregnant” she said in a video submitted to the editorial office of “Medusa”.


According to the newspaper, Bebchuk was often invited students to his summer house in beaver, where he was alone with the girls in the bath. In the steam room, he offered them to solve problems in mathematics, undressed and touched.


Graduates of the school conducted its own investigation, which resulted in the closure of the school. In 2015, they demanded that Bebchuk and Izyumova to resign and never work in education. They agreed, but did not keep a promise: every now works with children.


Izyumov talked to “Medusa” and denied all charges. A review of Bebchuk edition does not have.


According to the publication, after the article, the Investigative Committee began checking. A criminal case has not yet opened.

Photo: Thomas Eisenhuth / dpa-Zentralbild Globallookpress