Jean-Marie Le Pen questioned the daughter’s chances in the presidential election

Jean-Marie Le Pen

The founder of the National front, Jean-Marie Le Pen questioned the fact that his daughter and party leader marine Le Pen got into the second round of presidential elections in France. It is reported by RTL.

The politician reminded about the plans of the electoral campaign of the former Minister of Economics of France Emmanuel Makron. “We don’t know what size will reach the effect of Macron. But if there is consolidation, it is possible that Marin did not even get to the second round,” said Le Pen, adding that only “makes assumptions”.

Jean-Marie Le Pen was excluded from the “National front” in August 2015. The reason was the number of sharp statements that the daughter of a politician deemed unacceptable and demanded to remove him from office.

In particular, Le Pen said that the gas chambers — “just a part of the Second world war,” and former Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls, a native of Spain, he called a migrant.

Presidential elections in France will be held in two rounds — on April 23 and may 7. According to several public opinion polls, in the second round, except for marine Le Pen, has a chance to pass her opponent — former Prime Minister of the country, the winner of the primaries of the center-right party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon.