In China from under the water “looked” Buddha

In China from under the water “looked” Buddha. This event was made into a mystical horror shudder millions of people.


According to the Agency “Xinhua”, the river on the South-East of the country was low and the tip of an ancient statue surfaced. Her height is around 4 meters. And under it, the divers found the basis of the whole of the ancient temple. All in good condition. Discovery is now actively studied by the archaeologists. According to some, it could be carved in the Ming dynasty is from the 14th century. Others refer the masterpiece of the dynasty of Yun – even a century earlier.


It all flooded in 1960 when the Chinese state actively Mao Zedong fought with the opposition. In those years, gangs of Teens in his name smashed and burned churches and monasteries, then even part of the great wall of China was demolished, and the bricks used to build “more necessary” of pigsties. Reliving all of this and stirred up floated the Buddha.


Locals believe the discovery is a good sign. In particular, one of the officials – Guan Zhiyong says that the statue is located at the confluence of two rivers and is a function of the spiritual patron and protector from natural disasters.

Photo: Wan Xiang Xinhua / Globallookpress