Gets to school on foot through the forest Bashkir students will carry

In Bashkortostan, the Prosecutor made the organization of transportation of children by bus to the village school, where they previously had to walk about three kilometers through the forest and the railroad. On Monday, January 23, reported on the website of the Republican Department.

“Seven students of the school of the village Kudeevskiy lived in the nearby village of October, at a distance of three kilometers. Thus, despite the presence of two school buses, more than two years to transport children to the place of study was not carried out”, — stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office.

It was found that this was because from February 2015 the Director of the school did not search for the driver and not reported to the employment service about the availability of jobs.

It is noted that the Prosecutor’s office brought representation to the head of the district. The Director was fined under article 19.7 of the administrative code (“Failure to provide information about the availability of jobs”).

At the end of 2016 was published a video in which the children go to school through the woods, armed with axes for protection from bears. It was reported that students from the Bashkir village AMAS after the closure of the local school were forced to attend classes in a school located in another village.

The incident launched an investigation of the Prosecutor’s office. The district administration said that children learn in a neighboring village, because their village never had a school. Officials claimed that during the school week, they live with relatives in the village of Galiakberovo and output them on a sled taken home by the parents.