Why in London concealed the unsuccessful launch of a ballistic missile, said the expert

Chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko told the website of the TV channel “Star”, why the UK was to hide a failed launch missiles Trident II D5, and for what reasons the rocket changed course after launch.


Maritime ballistic missile Trident II D5 is designed for nuclear deterrence and is part of the naval strategic nuclear deterrent forces of the United States of America, said Korotchenko. Rocket is an American development. Also, by special agreement between Washington and London, this type of ballistic missiles used by the British submarine strategic missile.


Because of this, Britain conducts a test and combat training launches on naval testing grounds in the United States. There was an unsuccessful test launch of ballistic missiles Trident II D5 is aboard a British submarine. In June last year, the missile strayed from the right course and headed towards the coast.


“Of course, this is a serious incident. The issue is that it was some kind of obvious or technical problems in the missile, or perhaps when entering the flight tasks were also admitted certain violations. For the image of the UK, and this country is a member of the “nuclear club”, the publication of this information was obviously considered inappropriate,” – said the expert.


Korotchenko added that if the Sunday Times did not publish data on failed startup, this information would have remained classified.


Previously, the newspaper The Sunday Times published data showing that the UK Ministry of defence covered up the fact the failed launch of a ballistic missile Trident II D5 off the coast of the United States in June 2016.

Photo: army.mil