UK hid the failure to test a ballistic missile Trident

The UK Ministry of defence covered up the fact the failed launch of a ballistic missile Trident II D5 off the coast of the United States in June 2016. It is reported RT with reference to The Sunday Times.


As has informed the edition a source in the defense Ministry, the missile was fired from the submarine Vengeance off the coast of Florida and off course, flying in the wrong direction. In the end she almost “landed” on the coast of the United States.


In defense of the state has decided to hide this fact because afraid that information about the failures on the tests that were conducted for the first time in four years, will undermine the nuclear deterrent of the United Kingdom.


The Trident missile is designed for carrying nuclear weapons, but during a failed test it was not installed warheads. Such a missile could destroy millions of people.


In July 2016, the British Parliament authorized the modernization of the Trident system.