The German foreign Minister called the election trump the end of the world order of the twentieth century

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

With the election of Donald trump for President of the United States, the old world of the twentieth century, “finally over”, stated the German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an article for the newspaper Bild.

According to the Minister, the world must be ready for turbulent times. The question of which values will be dominant in the twenty-first century, how will the world of tomorrow remains open, he added.

“As always, when changing the power, there is uncertainty, doubt, questions to the new leadership. But in these times of new global disorder here something more is at stake today a lot,” he said.

“We will seek dialogue with the new administration [USA], to convey to her our attitude, our values and interests,” said Steinmeier, adding that Berlin is interested in strengthening of equal partnership with Washington.

“Freedom of trade, exchange, open world, joint fight against extremism and terrorism, close and trusting transatlantic cooperation based on common values, is a top priority on our agenda”, — said Steinmeier.

On January 20 in Washington, the inauguration of the trump. In his speech, the President stated that his main priority will be the benefit of the United States, and promised to return power to the American people.