The former head of the CIA criticized trump in a speech in the headquarters of the security services

John Brennan

Former Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) John Brennan criticized the President of the United States Donald trump during a visit to the headquarters of the security services. This was written by his spokesman Nick Shapiro in his Twitter on Sunday, January 22.

“Brennan is deeply saddened and angry that Donald trump has demonstrated a disgusting self-aggrandizement in front of the memorial wall dedicated to the heroes of the CIA,” wrote Shapiro, adding that, according to Brennan, the Trump should be ashamed.

The US President visited the headquarters of the CIA on January 21. He made a speech to the officers, calling them “a really valuable and amazing professionals.” The head of state gave intelligence officers the respect and denied that he is feuding with the intelligence community. According to trump, this feud was invented by the media.

It clarifies the RIA Novosti, among other things, the President criticized the “unfair” media that is allegedly trying to embroil him with intelligence. Also, according to the Associated Press, trump said that journalists played down the size of the crowd that attended his inauguration.