Peskov explained the anti-Russian rhetoric of the candidates to the office of the trump

Dmitry Peskov

Anti-Russian statements of candidates for the top posts in the future Cabinet elected President of the USA of Donald trump explains the influence of their environment. This opinion was voiced by the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in the program Hard Talk on BBC which will be shown January 21. Excerpts from it results on Friday, January 20, RIA Novosti.

“Man is the child of its environment, and the environment in the United States is now very hostile towards Russia so that we can understand such statements,” Peskov said, answering a question of journalists, how in the Kremlin relate to statements about the threat from the Russian side of the mouth of the candidates for the posts of Secretary of state, the CIA and the Pentagon.

Also Peskov said that Moscow needs good relations with Washington to jointly address important problems.

Earlier former head of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson proposed by trump for the post of Secretary, announced its intention to include Russia in the list of priority threats, and accuse Moscow of ignoring the interests of the United States. Contender for post of the head of the Pentagon James Mattis announced that it plans “to develop a strategy for confronting Russia”.

January 6, trump called good good relations with Moscow. “Only stupid people or fools may believe that it’s bad!” — he said, promising that during his reign “Russia will respect us [the USA] a lot more than now.”

The inauguration of Donald trump will be held January 20 in Washington.