Pedestrians killed almost asking their driver and robbed his house

In the Leningrad region, two men killed a driver who barely crushed, and robbed his house. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

It is established that in the night of January 18 this year near one of the houses in the city of Vyborg from local residents there was a conflict with the car driver, who lost control, almost hit them.

The suspects struck 39-year-old man multiple blows to the head and body, then put it in the cabin of his car, taken outside the city and strangled. Then, the criminals dumped the body in the reservoir, and the car left on the side of the bus stop.

After that they are in a taxi went to the Vsevolozhsk district, where is located the house where lived their victim. On the site the men killed were there the handyman and dumped the body in a well. Stealing from a home safe, they disappeared.

The bodies discovered. Criminal case is brought. Suspects — young people 26 and 24 years — were detained. The court directed the petition for election measures of restraint in form of detention.