The hockey player Telegin and singer Pelageya first daughter was born

The Russian hockey player CSKA striker Ivan Telegin and singer Pelageya first child was born. The couple had a daughter, says “championship.”   “Yesterday a girl called Taisia. Me at the stadium was presented as a gift roly-poly doll,” said Telegin.   This statement Telegin did in the KHL all-star game after the victory over the team of the Bobrov division. Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Russian Look / globallookpress

Moscow will cover the Blizzard in the coming hours

Emergencies Ministry warns of sharp deterioration of weather conditions in the Metropolitan area. This is the official website of the Department. According to forecasts of weather forecasters, in Moscow, strong wind and begin a strong snowstorm.   “From 18.00 22 Jan 2017 to 07.00 on 23 January 2017, with the saving on to the evening and night in the Moscow region and Moscow (including the New areas) it is expected snow, wet snow, snowstorm in places, the formation of ice deposits, wind of the Western quarter of the gusts of 12-17 m/s”, — is spoken in the message.   It is also reported that the bad weather will remain in Moscow until Monday morning. Since the beginning of the new week stolichnom in the region is expected to clear weather. Day January 23 is expected 1-3 degrees of heat. Photo: Dmitry Golubovich Russian Look / globallookpress

Russia will crush the army of great Britain in one day – Daily Mail

British newspaper the Daily Mail published an article in which the author compares the military capabilities of the British army and Russia in the event of a conflict.   The author writes that the only combat unit of the British army can be destroyed in one day in a collision with an enemy like Russia.   “The prospect of “losing unit” a heavy burden will fall on the chain of command,” writes the author.   According to experts, the reason for the large gap in the British army was that the military budget of the UK for years was decreased, and the number of troops reached a minimum. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

In Hurghada has opened a Consulate General of Russia

At the opening ceremony of the Consulate General of Russia in Hurghada © Dmitry Tarasov, Dean Drunk HURGHADA, on January 22. /Offset. TASS Dean Drunk, Dmitry Tarasov/. Consulate General of Russia opened today in Hurghada. This event was long awaited by thousands of Diaspora of Russian compatriots living in the province of the Red sea. “This is the first Consulate General in Hurghada and the Red sea governorate – said in an interview with TASS the General Consul Dzhamshed Boltaev. – For us it is a significant event, because Hurghada is home to about 20 thousand Russian citizens. We hope to provide them with consular, legal support to protect their interests.” According to the diplomat, everything is here for a long time waiting for the opening of the Consulate, many associate this question with the return of Russian tourists at Egyptian resorts.

The diplomat spoke about the Syrian talks in Astana

A soldier of the guard of honor in Astana The negotiations in Astana are hard, said the Minister Counsellor of Russia to Kazakhstan Alexander Musienko. His words on Sunday, January 22, RIA Novosti reported. “The negotiations are difficult, viscous, but time should be given to our negotiators that they have accomplished their mission,” — said the diplomat. He stressed that “for one day such issues are not solved”. “I can only for the Russian delegation to say that the attitude of most militant, resolute, we are trying to negotiate with everyone, and we will strive towards this”, he said. According to Musienko, the delegations of Russia, Iran and Turkey are working on the final document, and “now all this busy”. In Astana held a trilateral consultations on the issues of the Syrian settlement in the run-up to international meetings on this issue, which is expected to begin on 23 January

The White house accused the American media in an attempt to deprive trump of legitimacy

Donald Trump The head of the White house Raines, Primos accused the American media of the desire to delegitimize the President of the United States Donald trump. An opinion he expressed in an interview with Fox News channel Sunday, January 22, writes The Hill. “It’s not the size of the audience [who was present at the inauguration of the trump]. The case in the attacks and attempted to delegitimize this President in one day. And we are not going to sit idly by and tolerate this (…) every day We will fight for life and death”, — said Pribis. Earlier on January 21, the press Secretary of trump Sean Spicer in a briefing criticized the media for spreading false information about the number of people present at the ceremony of inauguration of the new head of state. “It was the largest audience ever watching the inauguration, as at present personally

American truck with shells for the tanks rolled in Poland

Carrying shells for tanks truck Armed forces of the United States turned over in the Lubuskie Voivodeship of Poland. On Sunday, January 22, reported on the website of the Ministry of national defense of the country. According to authorities, the incident occurred yesterday evening on the national road No. 27 near the settlement Peski. It is noted that “the driver of the truck was driving at a speed not corresponding to road conditions”, from-for what the car brought and he drove off the highway. As a result, two American soldiers (driver and passenger) sustained minor injuries and the road was blocked due to scattered projectiles. At the accident scene arrived sappers, military police, firefighters and us soldiers. The consequences of the accident have been eliminated by Sunday, the victims received medical treatment.

Near St. Petersburg stole a Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Wraith In the Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region the businessman stole a Rolls-Royce, while the owner was training in the gym. On Saturday, January 21, the newspaper reports 47news with reference to law enforcement agencies. Rolls-Royce Wraith 2015 issue belonged to 43-year-old head of the company, which is engaged in wholesale deliveries of materials and equipment for car repair. On 20 January, about four o’clock in Vsevolozhsky police received a tip that a car was stolen from a secured Parking of the hotel “Petrosport” in the village of Yanino. According to the man, about one o’clock he came to the hotel gym for a workout. Later, the owner found the lock of his locker in the locker room was broken into, and car keys lying in the coat pocket was gone. Damage to the owner of the Rolls-Royce was estimated at 15 million rubles, while the average market price

In the North-East of Moscow near MKAD helicopter landed

The Robinson helicopter has made an emergency landing near the MKAD in the North-East of Moscow. On Sunday, January 22, the TV channel “360” reported in a press-service of the capital MOE. The incident occurred between 97 th and 98-th km of MKAD, outer side. “The helicopter is evidence of external damage does not have pilots in place,” — said the Agency. As reported TASS, the pilot landed to see if there’s any icing on the blades of the helicopter. After that he continued the flight to destination. January 22, the Department of the emergency situations Ministry in Moscow warned about the deteriorating weather conditions. In the capital region are expected snowfall, snowstorm and increase North-West wind to 18 metres per second.