Journalists came under fire in the Donbass

APU fired at representatives of the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire (SCCC) and journalists documenting all morning Long shelling of the village of the Luhansk region. This reports the press service of the LPR militia.


It is noted that the OSCE refused to go and record the incident, citing the fact that on Sunday the representatives of the mission of the day.


Earlier today, the APU shelled the village of Long hand-held antitank grenade launcher RPG-7 and machine guns. The shelling of a residential house was partially damaged.


“Ukrainian punishers of the 14th separate brigade of the armed forces opened fire from anti-tank and small arms in the direction of the representatives of the JCCC and a group of journalists”, – stated in the message.


It is also reported that as a result of shelling Kyiv security forces, no one was hurt.