In India when a train crash killed dozens of people

In a train crash in India has killed at least 23 people, about 100 were injured. About this newspaper The Times of India.

The incident occurred late on Saturday evening, January 21, near the station of the Kuner in the state of Andhra Pradesh. From the derailed locomotive and seven carriages of the train Jagdalpur — Bhubaneswar.

To the place of accident sent to the emergency services. Experts have begun to clarify the causes of the incident.

Many people get caught deformed designs of the cars. The death toll is not final, the work of rescue continues.

In India train crash to happen often. In the night of Sunday, November 20, 14 cars of a passenger train, EN route Indore — Patna, derailed in the North of the country. Killed more than 140 people.