Vladimir Governor will cut wages for the sake of saving

Svetlana Orlova

Deputies of Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region has prepared a bill to reduce the salaries of the Governor, his deputies and a number of leaders in the region by 10 percent. This was reported on Thursday, January 19, on the website of the Parliament of the region.

Initiated the development of the document were made by the Governor of the region Svetlana Orlova. It will be considered at the meeting of the legislative Assembly on January 25.

According to the estimates of audit chamber, reducing the salaries of senior officials will save more than 5 million rubles from the regional budget.

Last year, a similar document was supported by deputies of the legislative Assembly unanimously. As a result, the budget managed to save 4.3 million rubles.

On 16 January the Deputy from the Communist party Alexey Chicken brought to the state Duma a bill abolishing the surcharge to pensions of Russian parliamentarians.

In November of last year deputies of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly voted for the abolition of the indexation of the salaries of the Governor, the speaker of the city Parliament, and also officials of all committees and district administrations. It was noted that this will allow St. Petersburg to save 850 million rubles.