Trump with his wife danced the first dance at the ball

The President of the United States Donald trump arrived at the ball, dedicated to the inauguration ceremony together with his wife Melanie. The pair first danced in a new way. It is reported by RIA Novosti.


Donald and Melania trump got out of the backstage scene at hand. The President made a small speech in which he promised Americans to once again make US a great country. Then trump turned to his wife saying that she will honor him, if you’ll dance with him.


The pair danced to the legendary song May Way Frank Sinatra. Later they were joined by children trump with their pairs and Vice-President Mike Pence and his wife.


The Melania trump came to the ball in a luxurious long dress milk color with bare shoulders. At the inauguration of the newly minted first lady of the United States appeared in the outfit of sky-blue from Ralph Lauren. A similar suit was Jacqueline Kennedy on the day of inauguration of her husband.