Toad vs Viper: trump overlaid red flags from all sides

In the latest edition of “Hurt”, a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, the Explorer Nikolai Petrov argues, as Obama put out traps for the trump and the most complicated the new administration of the White house before his departure.


Intense activity of politicians of the outgoing administration in recent weeks in the government reminded, to use the military analogy, the mass installation of “stretch” land mines and booby traps in future the route of the team of Donald trump, in order to obstruct him any rapprochement with Russia, Europe and China. One word – overlaid before joining the post on all sides with red flags.


And yet the events showed clear signs of psychological war. In the United States. It’s amazing to see how elites went to elite, brother against brother, liberal to the last letter of the press for future power in a real war. I mean the sensational story from CNN about the possible consequences of the assassination of Donald trump.


The reporter is CNN’s Brian Todd has considered the hypothetical scenario of succession of power in the case, as he assumed, the death of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump, Vice-President of the Pence, and with them, the highest officials of the Congress during the inaugural celebrations. In this case, control of the country again went to representatives of the Obama administration. Social media users reacted very sharply – describing it as provocation, incitement, and even an open call for the assassination of the elected President.


How lovely! High relationship between the American President and CNN are well known. Especially after Donald trump harshly gagged a reporter at a press conference, naming the main TV channel in America, the source of fake news. Apparently, CNN was seriously offended and movie about the assassination was his subtle and sophisticated revenge.


Well, CNN immediately slashed again. Thus confirming the correctness of the old Donald trump. At this time, the fake appeared on Twitter, where supposedly the daughter of a famous American singer Frank Sinatra expressed indignation at the fact that his song will be used at the inauguration. Nancy Sinatra responded immediately: “That’s not true. I never said that. Why are you lying, CNN?”.


And then there’s the American pool journalists wrote an open letter, actually an ultimatum to the Trump, an outline of which can be summarized in two phrases: “Donald, you have hurt and humiliated. We are now going you creative with revenge. And our revenge will be terrible”. In short, the inauguration did not put any point, and opened the abyss. And ahead of us the exciting continuation of the epic about how the team trump, his Ministers and advisers, and him all four years of the presidential term will do its utmost to ridicule and to chase the American press. Toad vs Viper, “war of the worlds” and “Men in black”. War of compromising materials will be long, brutal and bloody. You can start placing bets on who will win in the end.

Photo: CNPAdMedia / Globallookpress