The United States demanded South Korea to arrest the brother of ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-Moon

The US government asked the South Korean authorities to request the arrest of the brother of former UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon. About it reports Reuters with reference to the statement by assistant U.S. attorney Daniel noble in Federal court in Manhattan.

Ban Ki-San in South Korea, was the head of the construction company Keangnam Enterprises Co Ltd., accused of corruption in the sale of a complex of buildings in Vietnam.

Noble said that the United States plans to extradite ban Ki-San, but yet he is not detained.

Currently in South Korea unfolding corruption scandal involving President Park Geun-Hye and the leadership of Samsung. The Deputy head of the Corporation Whether Jeena suspect that he donated 30 billion won ($25.5 million) companies Choi sung-SIL — a friend of the President. For this, the authorities allowed the merger of two subsidiaries of the Corporation.

Because of the fortune teller Choi sung-SIL, the country erupted into a political crisis. She is accused of pressure on dozens of major firms with the purpose of transfer of their money in two non-profit Foundation. In case of figures, the sum of 77.4 billion won ($65.6 million). The former second assistant to the President Jeong Ho song is suspected of giving friend of the President classified information.

Ban Ki-moon has been UN Secretary General for two terms of five years. January 1 on this post it was replaced by the representative of Portugal, former high Commissioner organization for refugees antónio Guterres.