The Turkish Parliament approved a package of amendments on presidential form of government

The deputies of the Turkish Parliament endorsed the bill on amendments to the Constitution concerning the introduction of the presidential form of government. About it reports TASS.

Voting took place on Saturday, January 21. “For” the amendment was supported by 339 deputies of 488.

Earlier, on January 15, amendments to the Constitution were approved by Parliament in first reading.

The draft of the new Constitution provides for a sharp increase in the powers of the President. In particular, he will be able to lead the Cabinet of Ministers or to single-handedly appoint the Prime Minister.

In addition, in the event the document is under direct subordination of the head of state will pass the country’s armed forces and intelligence agencies. Currently they are governed by a collegiate body — the Supreme military Council.

Another important innovation may be the return of the death penalty.

Also, according to the draft Constitution, the lower age limit for the nomination of deputies will be reduced from 25 to 18, the number of MPs will increase from 550 to 600, and those related to military service, will be deprived of passive suffrage.

After the final adoption of the amendments, the Parliament will put them to a referendum. The plebiscite on the draft of the new Constitution could pass in the summer of 2017.