The Kremlin reacted to the decision of the COP on the case of Yukos

Russia will continue to protect their interests in case of payment of compensation to former Yukos shareholders. This was stated by the official Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the decision of the constitutional court about the possibility of default of the relevant ECHR verdict, the correspondent “reports” on Thursday, January 19.

“It’s a matter of court, so we do not wish in any way to comment. Of course, Russia is fully protected and will continue legally to defend their interests”, — said the press Secretary of the head of state.

The European court of human rights has acknowledged that Russia’s actions were not “politically motivated” and that the owners of the oil companies evaded paying taxes, said Peskov.

Earlier Thursday, the constitutional court ordered Russia to pay shareholders of Yukos more than 1,866 billion euros according to the decision of the ECHR. He admitted that the verdict of the Strasbourg court is contrary to the provisions of the Russian Constitution.

The ECHR has awarded compensation to the owners of the company in 2014, admitting an unfounded charge them with fines for tax offences in 2000-2001.