The foreign Ministry believe the joke the words of the Ambassador of Israel about the transfer of Russian Embassy


RIA Novosti

Russian Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov suggested that the Ambassador of Israel in Russia could make a joke, saying that Moscow has possibilities for the transfer of its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

In December, adviser to trump Kelleen Conway announced the intention of the elected President of the United States to move the American Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On Thursday, the Israeli Ambassador to Moscow, Harry Koren has told RIA Novosti that his country will be glad to such step of the new U.S. administration. But at the same time added that “Russia has all the prerequisites to make a bold decision on this issue.”

“He’s probably joking way,” — said Bogdanov told reporters.

He noted that the previously announced US plans to transfer its Embassy to Jerusalem will be a serious challenge to security in the region.

“Came to see me today the Israeli Ambassador. And I told him that the transfer (Embassy – ed.) Americans — this is a very serious challenge for security and understanding in the region. Because we know that the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims negatively perceive any hints or some considerations about the possibility of moving the us Embassy,” — said Bogdanov.