Moscow promised to respect the presidents of all countries

Dmitry Peskov

Moscow never made a personal criticism of the outgoing President Barack Obama. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Thursday, January 19, the correspondent “”.

“As for any personal attacks [of Obama], then, as far as I know, at the official level that no one admits and that is out of the question, in Moscow always showed respect to the President of any foreign state, especially the United States,” — said Peskov.

However, the spokesperson of the Kremlin acknowledged that in the period of the Obama presidency, Russian-American relations deteriorated.

In January last year, Sands said that never made insulting remarks about the American President. He admitted that he could fire if he showed disrespect for the representative of a foreign state, reported RIA Novosti.

The Russian head of government Dmitry Medvedev in the end of 2016 on his Twitter page called sad is the fact that the Obama administration, which began with the restoration of relations with Russia, is ending “the anti-agony”.

Powers Obama on a post of the US President expires on January 20. He heads the country since the beginning of 2009. He will be succeeded by Republican Donald trump.