In Russia, a socio-political movement “New Russia”


RIA Novosti. The press service of the President of Russia/Alexei Druzhinin/Anton Denisov

A new public-political movement “New Russia” is created in Russia, told RIA Novosti Director of the Institute of contemporary economies, a political scientist and the founder of the Nikita Isaev.

He noted that documents for registration have been submitted to the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, and currently is in the process of registration.

“Documents for registration of the movement is now in the Ministry of justice. But the movement started out of nowhere, I went to this for a very long time. Even at 18 years of age, I organized a training center “Financial House”, later – “Youth school of business”. The disciples grew up, managed to implement their skills working at the Institute, and are now ready to enter into the political sphere. The request is relevant now more than ever,” said Isaev.

According to him, the country needs new faces, new approaches and clear, close to the ideology on these positions and formed the organization. While Isayev said that the movement aims updates of political and expert elites. “Our people already involved in the work at the Federal and regional levels. This is a new, prosperine person, the guys who used to plow, and not to talk”, he said.

In addition, the leader of the movement declared intention of members of the “New Russia” to participate this year in the elections to the municipal and regional level in selected regions of Russia, including in the municipal elections in Moscow in 2017. The motion will be based on the concept developed by Isaev — “New NEP, national economic policy”. “With the help of a “New NEP”, “New Russia” plans to deduce the country from economic crisis and to restart the Russian economy for its output at the leading position in the world”, — quotes the press service Isaeva his words.

According to Isayev, in the political sphere, the movement aims to build confidence in the institutions of state power by reformatting of the system of public administration, and for this it is important to establish feedback between society and government, according to the motion.

“To achieve a high level of public trust is planned due to the activation of political participation of citizens. The main emphasis is on 25-30% of the thinking, working, mostly urban population in the age from 23 to 45 years – most of those who ignored Duma elections in 2016 and for whom the count “against all” was transformed into a silent protest. That is just people with low levels of trust in public institutions, in government policy frustrated and dissatisfied with the organization of public administration in General. Special attention will be paid to work with young people”, — the press-service of Isayev.

According to the press service, within the movement will operate a “Discussion Club “2100”, which is composed of representatives of the expert community, researchers, public figures, politicians and other experts of relevant industries. “The movement accumulates industry experts able to conduct an objective analysis to come up with a rational criticism and to give justified recommendations on the socio-economic development, as the scale of the Russian Federation and in the regional context”, — the press-service.

“New Russia” movement at the Federal level, currently there is an active process of creating a broad regional network, the focus is predominantly urban population, large cities, including the private sector.