In Istanbul fired from a grenade launcher, the office of Turkey’s ruling party

In Istanbul from a grenade fired at the office of the ruling Turkish party of justice and development party (AKP). On Friday, January 20, according to CNN Turk.

As noted, the shell struck the wall of the building. The dead and injured there.

Until January 20 it became known that from anti-tank grenade was fired at a building of the security Directorate in Istanbul. “The grenade hit the wall of the courtyard. The dead or injured among the management staff there,” — wrote the Governor of the province VSIP Sahin in his microblog on Twitter.

According to him, law enforcement officers conducted a massive operation to search for the attackers.

In political organization the responsibility for the events laid on left-wing radical grouping “Revolutionary people’s liberation front” (DHKP-C), reports RIA Novosti.

In the US, the EU and the Turkish organization DHKP-C as terrorist.